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Know your customer

Noctua enables financial institutions to conduct digital research effectively. This leads to lower risk for fines and manpower is used more effectively (e.g. lower costs).


The government has a supervisory task in various departments for various sectors. Especially within departments of the police, finance and municipalities. Noctua can be used for criminal and fraud investigations.

Detect Insurance Fraud

Insurers have struggled to combat insurance fraud. For the Dutch market Noctua developed a solution to combat healthcare fraud, the so-called personal budget (PGB).
Possible connections
Potential sources
Noctua takes care of it!
A standard solution for customization.

By this we mean that we can set up the software completely according to your needs and then offer it as SAAS (Software As A Service) via a protected cloud environment. Any source (closed, open, or internal) can be connected relatively easily in most cases. That makes our solution suitable for every research need.

How it works

1. Search and save

Search for information within open and closed sources via an unambiguous interface in one system. The relevant data is stored in a uniform structure, so that it is optimized for further (possibly in-depth) research.

2. Analyze

It is possible to search for specific words in the file, or to analyze the file extensively via the three views: network, geographic, or timeline view. The content of the file can also be sorted and examined as required.

3. Report

When the research is done, the conclusion can be generated in a report. The researcher decides what should be included in the report. The software provides a professional rendering. The report can be adjusted and is saved in .pdf format.
Legally tested per application

The technological possibilities are legally limited. These legal boundaries are monitored in the Netherlands by our partner EIFFEL. They specialize in particular in the legal aspects of privacy.

They formulate the rules that Noctua must comply with, so the user can efficiently conduct qualitative research.