Why open source intelligence?

Our software enables companies to do business with their customers with confidence. By providing the correct information quickly and effectively. There is enough data, but there are no good tools to analyze this data correctly. We provide the solution to this problem, quickly and without fuss.

Enable thorough research, for employees at all levels, in a way that motivates, offers pleasure and helps the organization further.
Transforming available data into valuable information in real time. Every employee can easily make the right choices within this data-driven environment.
We respectfully build pure, transparent, honest and goal-oriented partnerships, where a positive outcome is the goal for both parties.
Self-managing and goal-oriented
Noctua is the name of the product we proudly identify with. In May 2020 we therefore decided to give our company that name.

We are a modern high-tech company that focuses on open source intelligence, (OSINT) with which we, then under the name Digital Intelligence Group, with our product that was called ‘Maldith’ at the time, an honorable place in the Dutch innovation top 100 in 2016. From that moment on, the product has undergone a very strong development and is unique in its kind.

We are a self-managing organization according to the new way of working, with short lines of communication and where everyone knows and takes his or her responsibility. We are averse to hierarchical structures, difficult procedures, bureaucracy and we rely on the competence of our employees. They are given complete freedom to do what they are good at and are supported where necessary. Self-management in optima forma!

Every Noctua employee has a trained eye for the needs of the customer and can translate this into “co-creation” into an effective and efficient solution. Each time again! Working with Noctua feels natural, as if you are working with colleagues. Your interest is therefore the only thing that matters to us. The management facilitates growth from a wealth of entrepreneurial experience.